Let’s make it precious – Bosmat Niron solo exhibition eco art at the museum of Human and Nature, Petach Tikva


The purpose of the eco-art is initiative aims to develop a new perception of the importance of extensive recycling, waste separation and recovery of waste OIKOS, from the Greeks, is “HOME”. “Manufacture is “the making of anything by hands,”….directly or indirectly, with or without the help of instruments or machines….ART is the operation of the hand and the intelligence of man together….Then FINE ART is that in which the hand, the heart, and the intellect of man go together” (Ruskin). “Ecological Art: ART which first appear c.1968 and which is concerned with natural processes” (The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Art and Artists)

Ecological artworks are imaginative expressive “forms”, through the medium of Nature, of our cosmic space, of a eulogized space we call “home”, subjective images of our “interaction” with its natural processes. Ecological Art is a meditation on our existence in Nature through Nature, and so, the symbol is Nature itself, or is contained in it. The interested observer will not say: “this means Nature” but..”Look, this is Nature”. An identification of symbol and meaning underlines this relationship The physical environment affects the mind and personality of those within it and plays an important role in their motor, emotional and social development.


Let’s make it precious -eco art solo exhibition at the Museum Man and Environment Petach Tikva

The process of educating to esthetics and refinement combines development of self-awareness and awareness of the environment. It gives children a sense of belonging to, responsibility for and involvement with the team with which they work and cooperate. The artistic experience inspires pleasure and pride and enables the participants to leave a mark of esthetic heritage.
achievement. Artistic activity becomes a mirror for the children, reflecting their individual personhood and independence, and expresses each child’s distinctive nature in a very real way. The poet Shaul Tchernichovsky expressed this concept in words much better than mine:

A man is no more than the form of his native landscape;

Only what his ears absorbed in the freshness of youth,

Only what his eyes took in before they had their fill of seeing…”

Beauty is with the eye of the observer. Niron has the talent to see beauty even in garbage, ant the talent to make it look precious.

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