Bosmat Niron


Bosmat Niron

Profound artist and curator ecology artist and consult. Born in Tel Aviv in the year 1972.

When she was young, she spent several years in South America and in Spain. Niron’ s bridging between community, municipalities and industry through Arts, She holds the capacity of curator of the city of Ramat-Gan, as well as being a consultant on environment and ecological art. Niron’ s art shows her principles and moral at the International cultural project that she is involved with. During the last years she has beaning chosen as a leader of Curator in such international art projects, as with the Milan Expo 2015 International Contemporary Art and more. Niron is one of the most outstanding artists in the eco art; she exhibits internationally, having gained widespread recognition from Museums and art institutions both in Israel and overseas. Her goal is to arouse awareness of the environment, to offer an aesthetic approach to an art carrying values, to bring about the rise of forgotten, hidden lights of hope for the human family as a whole, as well as to arouse the beholder’s yearning for sublime nature.

The discussion of culture in the post-modern era seeks to embrace values drawn from a daily walk of life, abstract ideals, norms, laws and principles.
As an integral part of formative processes, the rational contemplation will lead the visitors to a philosophical journey, to an encounter between the rationale and the deep emotional intention, and it is in its course that a new understanding will be constructed concerning the interrelations between man and nature. As she say’s “the theology of the art thus calling for sensible, well thought out use of the existing material, for activism, for community sharing and for globalization. It is through sensible well-contemplated use of archetypes and collective knowledge that the rationale will produce temporary aesthetic and emotional values that will operate on universal dimensions and tighten the romantic exotic connection to nature”. Her art moves in two planes – ecological and feminine. She principally focuses on community projects that are implemented in the public space, whereby she assimilates to those the above-mentioned values. Her works are generally marked by use of ready made material, or “capitalist trash” that makes up fertile ground for her work and for the single artist exhibitions she held at various museums. Into her conception that “there is a treasure in the trash” she embeds mystic, spiritual messages and contents, along with myths, drawing as she does on the principle of eco-philosophy and Mother Earth. The sensation of the sublime in nature found in her work thus amounts to paying tribute to its destination. He work carries with it a wealth of narratives that are found in the collective memory and rest upon the values of morality and beauty. It is her hope that her work of art will set in motion the rectification she wants to take place, which is to be based on positive thought, optimism and infinite hope.

Niron deals and researches the eco-philosophy and the sublime. Her works of art are entirely confident in the power of nature itself and art to reach salvation. She binds together the female experience, the ecological basics, the nature, and the mystics and presents her collection bearing the name “Goddess”. The female character is characterized with strength and constitutes a symbol to the myth that Goddesses symbolized life, eternity and constant regeneration. The contexts of the Goddess constitute an extraordinary combination of messages, enlightenment, and sensitivity, longing and yearning. Niron sows seeds of new consciousness. The Goddesses represent life, delight. They are the ones to represent Eros. In her works of art the Goddesses are captured while meditating, appear in nature that integrates energetic symbols and spiritual iconography that are identified with the Magna Mater, part of which is recognized by the collective memory. The Goddesses represent female energy, sacred power and primary power of the entire universe. Her works of art expose spiritual motives identified with eco-femininity have become of presence in her spiritual  world. The interpretation requires deep research. Niron draws the spiritual strength from multi-dimensional historical roots which constitute an expression to the essential relationship, to the cosmic myth of the Magna Mater, and to the ecological and spiritual revolution that takes place throughout these days. In this basic discussion Niron presents each one’s personal responsibility to make an amendment and brings new volumes to the ecofeminist art

Environment and Art Consult
Niron’s Feminine art is part of the Brookly Museum.
at 2017 The Infinity Monument will be displayed at Dimona, with corporation of the Minister of culture and the municipal of Dimona.
In the year 2014, the global organization of Yad Vashem selected Bosmat Niron’s “Infinity” statue as a gift to the Righteous Among the Nations – Toronto, Canada, with the guest of Honoree Mr. Sarkozy

2017 From memory to Hope, Dimona community and the minister of culture Israel
2017 Raising Woman, Galileo Bank Milan Italy
2016 Shalva nonprofit organization -Israel, NY USA
2015 International ART Expo art Milano curator
2015 Woman – Ramat Gan municipal
2012- 2014  –Volvo Show room TLV
2013 Homme/Femme: Lillusion de la R’ealite curator and exhibit at Claire Corcia Galerie Paris

Solo Exhibitions:
2011 – Garden City – ecology art and work shop with the community Museum of Netanya
2010 ” Let’s make it Precious “Ithaca –Greece solo exhibition at eco-art
2010-2011 “The Road to Heaven” Man and Living Museum Ramat – Gan, Curator: Dorit Wolenitz
2010-2011″Let’s make it Precious” (ecol-art) Museum of Man and Environment Petah Tikva Curator: Lizi Bandel

group exhibition
2010 – NOSTOSPASSWORD SANAT ŞÖLENİ –  Istanbul. curator Dimitris Vojdanis Danis
2010 – “In Family Unity – Unity of the World”  “The Hug” is Ekaterinburg Art Foundation, Russia
2009 –  First International artist for Peace AFPIAAP, represented Israel at the international the first of Artists for Peace in Istanbul in ,curator Sevgi Urum, Istanbul Turkey (with the corporation of Israel Minister of Culture)
2008 – “Fresh color” Tel Aviv Museum of Art, donation to the community
2008 –“The World in our hands”, Snail, Raa’nana, with corporation of IEC
2008 – “Environment at the Israel Parliament” , Jerusalem
2007 – “The Desert Generation” – Artists’ House, Jerusalem; Meneer de Wit Gallery, Amsterdam
2007 – “Young Girl” – Bat Yam Promenade, Israel; curators: Doron Polak, Esti Drori

her outdoor sculptures are displayed thought Israel


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